About Us

Transform your data into great results.

Sports Technology Solutions (STS) is a new world agency. We are passionate about taking advantage of the ever increasing technology hardware and customising it for the Sport and Recreation industries.

A feature of our hardware is also our approach, where we measure things in microns rather than centimetres. We like winners at STS and that’s why we don’t believe in dead heats. Our customised solutions help provide insights and information to ensure there is always a winner and that’s either you or your members.

Why Us

  1. Field experts
    ​We are a team that would rather break new ground and carve new frontiers than take the traditional approach with traditional equipment. Like Billy Beane in Moneyball we revel in the unorthodox and new way of looking at the problem to provide a winning solution.
  2. Knowledge is power

    STS provides unique and completely new insights through quantifiable data. We provide detailed and hi-res imagery and Broadcast quality files that have been used frequently on Channel Nine and Social Media channels to demonstrate changes in conditions that until now haven’t been able to be shown.

  3. Individual approach

    Each Sport is uniquely different as are the data and information required. Our equipment is designed to be used across a variety of sports and surfaces. We work with Rights holders, Governing bodies, Broadcasters and Venues and can guarantee consistency of results.


Expect the unexpected

Sport is the greatest story that is yet to be told. Every game, race, match is unique and so is the narrative.

Transform your ideas into great results. We provide International consulting services online as well as in the field.