What We Offer

We are passionate about sport and technology. We believe thoughtful integration of the two enhances the experience for all involved.

Our company is one of the leaders in the market of professional consulting services for medium and large sports entities. Our company accompanies the introduction of a set of business processes and provides methodological data extraction and presentation of key sports metrics.

Comprehensive training of personnel for the introduction of analysis and interpretation  is part of any project in the framework of a process-functional consulting.

What You Will Receive

Create own analysis tools mobile applications.and dashboards  Transform your ideas into tangible on-fields results. We provide consulting services online and in our offices, we guarantee immediate response to your requests.

>    Conditions Analysis

>    Increasing player understanding

   Strategies both attack and defense

Our Process


We spend time with you and your organisation agreeing the scope of the analysis and the data collection methodology.


Once data is sourced, we apply our algorithms to address the questions raised in the scoping phase. This process allows the final product to adresss your Scope..


The meaningful presentation of data is the true value in any sports technology solution.We ensure the analysis can be understood and used by all.